How Long The Waiting

A devised musical created by director Suzy Catliff, Musical Director Huw Jones, group 2MW5 Francesca Berlin, Wesley Dow, Richard Vorster, Natalie Giacone, Lee Harris, Emily Jane Morris, Emily Dobie, Chelsea Williams, Kate Lindeman, Joseph Houston, Jeffrey Socia) and our technical team (Kate Ramsey, Shawn Forde, Karl Logan, Scott Tostevin, Steve Lemmon, Tom Meehan)

Following various improvisation and devising exercises built up over 3 weeks, the group wrote down and pitched their ideas.  We started making connections and using different theatrical techniques and devices in order to develop the story, find out characters which lead to creating our musical.

What we came up with was emotional and unexpected.  We were all thrilled by the process and overwhelmed by the audience response.

We would very much like to develop the idea with the aim of getting a wider audience to see our group work and thoughts to see where the project might go.

I have included some photographs I took at our technical rehearsal which I believe captured some of the essence of the piece.  I will also attempt to add some very roughly recorded numbers from the show.  All rights copyrighted.