A Little Night Music

"A Masque in a Music Box"

Is Stephen Sondheim's description of this beautiful musical.  I had the pleasure of directing my first Sondheim musical at LIPA in the spring of 2014.  Joined on this journey by a very talented professional creative team of Ruth Alexander Rubin as MD and Nicola Bolton and some very talented students - both acting and technical.

Director                                   Suzy Catliff
Musical Director                      Ruth Alexander Rubin
Choreographer                        Nicola Bolton

(All final year students)
Designer                                  Emma Rothwell
Costume Designer                   Emily Adamson
Lighting Designer                     Tom Webber
Sound Designer                       Jamie McIntyre
DSM                                         Brittany Williams
Stage Manager                        Joyee Wong
Conductor/piano                      Henry Burnett


Madame Armfeldt                     Francesca Goodridge
Desiree Armfeldt                       Katie Tyler
Fredrika Armfeldt                      Hayley Clarke
Fredrik Egerman                      Edward Leigh
Anne Egerman                         Hannah Gover
Henrik Egerman                       Kieran Parrott
Carl Magnus                             Joshua Meredith
Charlotte Malcolm                    Emily Chesterton
Petra                                         Evie Pickerill
Frid/Mr Elanson                       Sindre Tiorswaag
Mr Lindquist                             Robert Murphy
Mrs Anderssen                         Amber Leigh
Mrs Segstrom                           Shauna Wright
Mrs Nordstrom                         Genevieve Clarke